Friday, December 18, 2009

Rustic Cosmo Cafe: Cozy and Delightful

Rustic Cosmo Cafe is my current favourite restaurant in Parkdale. Located at 1278 Queen Street West, the cafe serves up good breakfasts and good coffees: a winning combination.

On weekends, the cafe serves the best eggs benedict, with a side salad, and spicy homefries. Add a fancy cafe latte, and a warm 'n cozy atmosphere, and you've got yourself a great Saturday morning. The trick is to arrive early, or wait your turn in a short line-up. Do not even consider going to the Cadillac Lounge for breakfast down the street instead -- the homefries just won't cut it. (The last time I went to the Cadillac Lounge for breakfast, my homefries were not even completely cooked.)

Wooden benches, an open kitchen/cash area, good food, good coffee, and the comfortable atmosphere make Rustic Cosmo a delightfully relaxed neighbourhood locale.


Aamna said...

What?! I have to say that I've had have been underwhelmed my the environment and the food at the Rustic Cosmo Cafe several times. The quality of their customer service is lacking in effort and it reflects thought the consideration and care that they put into the food.

Shirley said...

Hmm. Gotta give it a try then.

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